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    What? Why? Truth and Perspective is looking at facts from articles, concepts from vocabulary, and opinions from quotes. This will help us view the world in a wider range. Also think in more ways than one. Experiences is for sharing experiences, understanding them and supporting one another. This is crucial because they help understand, empathize, build resilience and feel less alone. In Forms of Art it shares examples of prejudice in art. An example of an art is film. Film can help expose us to different culture and people. Audiences often acquire character attitudes or styles. In small ways they influence society. To see this working, head to your live site. Categories All Posts My Posts Create New Post Forms of Art Follow Views Posts 2 Here you view examples through forms of arts: literature, film, paint, music. Share what you think! Other Issues Follow Views Posts 1 There are many other problems besides prejudice which are just as important. Kindness and Emotions Follow Views Posts 3 Just because people don't face prejudice doesn't mean they get just kindness. Everyone needs love. Truth and Perspectives Follow Views Posts 7 "Small facts lead to great knowing." - Patrick Rothfuss Vocabulary, quotes and articles. (sometimes games) Awareness Follow Views Posts 0 Information of topics are critical to give an opinion, supporting others and more. New Posts Aki Parker Sep 11, 2023 Classroom prevention of Suicide Kindness and Emotions TEDx Talks has a video called “The fight against teen suicide begins in the classroom” by Brittni Darras. She tells her personal stories as a teacher. The contents of the speech is very heavy. She tells of her actions to do her best to prevent suicide of her students. She continually tries all she can and is a very understanding teacher for her students. Brittni Darras supports her students. The comments of the video are often people telling how they relate to the negative impact of teachers and also positive impacts. Teachers affect lives of students well into their future. Please do not take her speech lightly. To teachers and students watching or reading please help others as much as you can. Even the smallest bit. Like asking how are you, having a positive attitude, bright tone of voice, finding the silver lining or even just smiling genuinely. How do you think you can improve other people's lives? How do you think the culture of school be changed? How can actions of students and teachers be improved? Link: Like 0 comments 0 Aki Parker Sep 11, 2023 School and Depression Kindness and Emotions Paul McGregor is a youtuber and made a video called “SCHOOL MAKES ME DEPRESSED | Why School Doesn't Help Your Mental Health” His description on his profile shows he is dedicated to his mission. He wrote “Suicide is currently the biggest killer of men under 45 in the UK. – If my mission can make a difference to just ONE person. That's all that matters.” One of the most interesting things I found of this video is that when searching “school makes me” what comes up is feel anxious, depressed, and other negative emotions. You should try it and see what comes up. Like the video said people are relying on technology to find answers to an issue of emotions and school. It makes me wonder why? The video tells examples and his own experience. The comment of the video are quite interesting and extremely sad that many people relate to this. September is suicide awarness month. Please reach out to loved ones and show that you care. Support friends and be aware of negative affects you may cause. What do you think we can do to take action against suicide? Has school affected your well being negatively? Why? How can we help? Link: Like 0 comments 0 Aki Parker Sep 11, 2023 Disparagement humor Truth and Perspectives Disparagement humor is joking about serious topics especially in prejudice. Shelby Mott from the valley Vanguard, saginaw valley state university student newspaper, wrote an article called “Disparagement humor is harmful, it’s not ‘just a joke’” The article explores examples and the effect of this negative type of humor. It also contains different studies by researchers. The article covers different thought process of this and why people may be scared to stand up to this. In school this has been occurring. It will affect people and you in the future if you participate in this. People may think these comments are tiny and are funny however it isn’t please don’t let this happen. How would you react to this? What do you think of people who does this? Have you ever been hurt by disparagement humor? Link: Like 0 comments 0 Forum - Frameless

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    Home Page Images + PngTree Website Info In the blog you can interact with others online. Discussing with other students and possibly teachers understanding different perspectives. Learn about other schools, how to react, examples in books and movies, how it affects people and much more. There is also discussions about other issues. Like global worming and school pressure. However it will mainly focus on prejudice. The Blog will post every week on Sunday to Monday unless there is a disturbance. ​ Purpose of Website This blog was created for helping students and teachers to: Create a safer environment and support each other learning about prejudice (especially in Schools) spread awareness of important issues Understand perspectives and different backgrounds More The blog does this by sharing experiences, knowledge and discussions. This could be a way to prevent prejudice in Kristin.

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